Barack Obama optimistic of Climate Change deal at Paris

Barack Obama on Climate Change

US President Barack Obama has said that he is optimistic that a deal to contain global warming at the COP21 Summit being held in Paris this December and he insisted that the deal would boost flagging world economy.

At an Asia-Pacific Business Conference in the Philippines, Obama made it clear that there is still a “lot of work to do” to ensure that something successful comes out of the United Nations Summit.

Barack Obama continued by saying: “Nevertheless, I’m optimistic that we can get an outcome that we’re all proud of, because we understand what’s at stake,”

The goal of the summit, being held in Paris, is to reduce the overall greenhouse gas emissions being thrown into the atmosphere, by burning fossil fuels, which are at blame for Global Warming.

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Previous efforts have failed due to businesses and governments failing to break free from fossil fuel dependency, which has driven the economic growth since the industrial revolution.

Obama has insisted that a deal in Paris could bring about huge investment, as it would signal to businesses that they should “go all-in on renewable energy technologies”.

“If we can get an agreement done, it could drive new jobs and opportunities, and investment in a global economy that, frankly, needs a boost right now.”

After the speech that Barack Obama gave to the business leaders he led a panel discussion with Chinese tech-billionaire Jack Ma and Aisa Mijeno, a young Filipina engineer turned entrepreneur.

During this panel discussion, Aisa Mijeno told Obama about one of her inventions; a cheap lamp which runs on salt water and can charge a mobile phone, which is part of a bid to provide poor Philippine villages with electricity of a clean nature.

“Climate change is real, it’s a fact. It’s not a myth that scientists created in order to get funding or grants. It’s real, it’s happening now,” she told Obama.

Aisa Mijeno then compared Climate Change to something very close to the hearts of some, that being the stages of cancer. She said the Earth was in stage two, where symptoms are beginning to show but can be treated.

“You don’t want to get to stage four,” Obama replied.