Ground Force Star Marks Opening of Heat Pump Housing Project

TV builder and star of the BBC Ground Force show Tommy Walsh marked the opening of a ground-breaking renewable energy project in Shropshire by planting a tree and spending time with residents who will benefit from ground source heat pumps supplied and installed by Ice Energy.

Residents of the Haslehurst Close sheltered housing scheme who are tenants of South Shropshire Housing Association (SSHA) are the first SSHA tenants to benefit from ground source heat pumps in a project which includes some 17 homes in the village of Clun.
The project has been notable not just for the introduction of ground source heat pumps, but also because of the close involvement of the residents who have been party to a series of presentations and regular update meetings, but also because it was part funded by a grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).
As well as planting a tree to commemorate the opening, Mr. Walsh spent time with the residents and watched a DVD which chronicled the seven-month project as well as taking a tour of the site during which he shared his thoughts on renewables with Ice Energy Housing Manager Philip Sheldon.
“In my view it’s vital that we explore ways of providing alternative heating for the future because our natural resources are simply running out. I’m a big believer that renewable energy is the energy of the future so it’s great to see a project like this which will have a really positive effect on these residents” said Mr. Walsh.
Ice Energy Technologies’ Founder & Managing Director Andrew Sheldon echoed those views saying “Ice Energy are delighted to have been lead contractor for such a worthy project. Replacing an outdated and inefficient heating system and introducing a cleaner, safer and more reliable renewable energy alternative in the form of ground source heat pumps will be of tremendous benefit for Shropshire Housing Group and their tenants for many years to come.”