Head of Domestic RHI Opens Heat Pumps Project

The Open Day marked the official celebration of a Renewable Heat Premium Payment-funded scheme to replace expensive and inefficient electric storage heaters with new, state-of-the-art ground source heat pumps supplied by Ice Energy Technologies. In all, 26 bungalows, a 3-bedroom flat and a community room have all from heat pumps linked to individual boreholes in order to access stored solar energy from beneath the ground.

One of the conditions of receiving RHPP funding meant the project had to be fully completed by the end of March 2014 - a target made more challenging due to the location of the properties some 1200 feet up in the Shropshire hills, and also weather conditions which included snow and record rain fall. However, thanks to the diligence, experience and expertise of the Ice Energy team supplying the heat pumps as well as their drilling and project management skills, the deadline was met and the funding successfully secured.

At the Open Day, Sarah Redwood, Head of Domestic RHI at DECC who planted a tree to commemorate the day, took the opportunity to meet with local residents who are enjoying much-improved, cost-effective heating and saw for herself the equipment in operation. Describing her visit she said "I really enjoyed the day - it was great to hear from the residents first hand and to see a heat pump in action."

Local residents were quick to praise the new equipment as well as the dedication of the Ice Energy installation teams. Ken Johnson said "The biggest difference is the total comfort. Anytime - day or night - the heating is the same, even in the kitchen where there is no radiator.

"The bathroom is lovely and warm and I estimate I'm saving about a third on my electricity bill."

Tom and Val Cox said "It's the best thing since sliced bread! It's a much more even heat and is absolutely amazing.

"We've not had to turn the fire on once. Cathy from Ice Energy and the rest of the team were magnificent in all weather conditions. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend heat pumps."

If you would like to find out more about heat pumps for your housing stock, please call 0808 145 2335.