Ice Energy & Guinness South help convert air into savings

Residents of Guinness South are beginning to see the benefits of moving to air source heat pumps for their heating, with annual money savings of around £180 making a big difference to their fuel costs.

Working with Ice Energy, the housing association, who owns and manages homes across London, East Anglia and the South East, is piloting this renewable energy source in one of their blocks of flats in an effort to help residents into a more financially stable lifestyle.

Milton Keynes resident, Dave Burn, has had an air source heat pump in his property for just over a year and is already beginning to see the difference in his fuel bills. "The air source heating is very effective. It's definitely more economical than the storage heaters I had before. On average, I'm saving around £15 a month at the moment."

"The radiators that have been installed are tidy and unobtrusive", continued Mr. Burn. "They don't get extremely hot; they find an average heat and keep it constant throughout the property. The air source heat pump also supplies my hot water and I've never had any problems."

Air source heat pumps extract heat from the air to provide heating and hot water which is distributed via radiators in the property. Some systems, like the one in Mr. Burn's property, also carry a wifi monitor which will send details back to Ice Energy who can then resolve any issues that arise without needing to attend the property.

Ice Energy founder & Managing Director Andrew Sheldon worked with Guinness South on the project. "We are pleased to have been able to provide a long lasting solution in heating and hot water which will benefit both the resident and Guinness South, both environmentally and financially."