Prime Minister Opens Energy Efficient Development

Prime Minister David Cameron opened a new, energy efficient housing development featuring renewable energy products supplied and installed by Ice Energy.

Prime Minister David Cameron was in Oxfordshire last week continuing his long-standing relationship with Ice Energy by opening another successful building project within his Witney constituency.

The Blackditch development near Stanton Harcourt consists of 16 properties where a variety of renewable energy systems including solar PVground source heat pumps and underfloor heating have been installed.

The properties have been built to Buildings Code Level 4 standard and received 50% funding for the supply and install of the heat pumps as part of the Low Carbon Buildings Program Level II. Solar power will provide the electricity required to power the heat pumps which will then provide heating and hot water for the properties meaning homeowners will benefit from hugely reduced energy bills and a substantially lower carbon footprint compared to other new build properties across the UK.

Working in collaboration with Cottsway Housing Association and construction company E. G. Carter, Ice Energy proved again why they are the leading supplier of renewable energy products in the UK, creating solutions for on-site renewables.

Due to an underground water system below the development, Ice Energy demonstrated their adaptability by using their many years of experience to drill a series of boreholes to install the ground loop systems for the heat pumps. The original plan was for a single borehole to be drilled but because of the water source this was not practical.

Describing the success of the scheme, Managing Director of Ice Energy, Andrew Sheldon said "This is another example of the great strides that can be made in house building in terms of adopting renewable energy systems and I’m obviously pleased that the Prime Minister has again been able to see how Ice Energy continues to lead the way in the renewables sector."

We have been championing the implementation of renewable energy systems for many years with companies like E. G. Carter on behalf of Cottsway Housing Association who have had the foresight to recognise the huge benefits that these systems can provide. Not only are they lower cost to run, safer and more efficient than traditional energy systems, they also help reduce the risk of fuel poverty which is a blight on the nation during these times of repeated, substantial price hikes by the energy companies like the 19% rise announced in June by Scottish Power."

David Waters, Cottsway’s chief executive, said “We are delighted that David Cameron has opened this pioneering new project. Our recently completed homes in Stanton Harcourt not only provide affordable housing for local people, they also incorporate a range of innovative, green features. These include hemp-based breathable walls, ground source heat pumps, solar photovoltaic panels, underfloor heating and a rainwater harvesting system. These will reduce our carbon footprint, as well as benefiting the residents with low running costs."