Shadow Energy Minister Visits Landmark Energy Efficiency Project

Shadow Energy Minister Tom Greatrex last week visited Jaywick Village near Clacton in Essex, to see for himself a landmark Ice Energy project aimed at tackling fuel poverty in the area.

Statistically, Jaywick is the most deprived area in the UK with many of the properties there falling well below current building regulations. Many are heated using inefficient electric storage heaters or portable heaters while some have no hot water systems. That has all changed though thanks to a project undertaken by Ice Energy Technologies and it was this that Mr. Greatrex came to see.
In addition to providing residents with highly efficient air source heat pumps, the project which was possible thanks to Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP) funding, delivered a range of additional energy efficiency measures including external wall insulation, loft insulation and A rated windows, all of which in combination with the heat pumps has made a huge difference for the residents.

During his visit, Mr. Greatrex took time to meet representatives from Tendring District Council who were keen advocates of the scheme, as well as several of the residents in their homes to hear first hand just what the scheme had meant for them and the area in general.
One such resident Marge Bolton is benefitting from a much warmer property but at a reduced cost and in fact has already seen her monthly energy direct debit payments reduce while another, Dave Woolcombe has seen his £400 energy bill debt transformed into a credit of almost £200. Properties in the area have also seen a rise in their overall value as a result of the work which has helped regenerate the community as a whole.

Ice Energy Technologies Founder and Managing Director Andrew Sheldon said of the visit “This was a fantastic opportunity for the minister to see how funded schemes like the one in Jaywick can have a major effect on people’s lives. Thanks to the measures we have introduced in the area, residents are warmer, healthier and no longer dreading the arrival of their heating bills. This is exactly the sort of impact that the funding was intended to achieve and I feel sure that Mr. Greatrex will be providing that feedback to his ministerial colleagues in Westminster.”

You can learn more about the Jaywick Project by watching the short video below.