Tenant Reveals £3 per week Total Electricity Costs

A social housing resident in Shropshire has revealed that he now pays just £3 per week in total electricity costs thanks to the dramatic savings generated by his ground source heat pump.

Installed as part of a Renewable Heat Premium Payment-funded upgrade scheme in Shropshire, pensioner Tom Cox's heat pump replaced his expensive and inefficient storage heaters which simply didn't provide him with enough heat in his 1 bedroom bungalow.

At a meeting organised by Tom's Social Housing provider for residents who are shortly to receive ground source heat pumps as part of a similar upgrade programme, Tom explained the huge impact his ground source heat pump heating system had made.

"I used to have to have the electric fire on from 4 o'clock every day untilI went to bed because the storage heaters just didn't work. I monitored my meter readings when I had storage heaters and have done so since having ground source heat pumps and the storage heater estimate from electricity company was £997 for my annual bill.

"Last year I received another letter from my supplier that my bill was exactly 50% less.

"If you take into account my winter fuel allowance and also the suppliers discount from my energy company, I live in a fully central heated home at 22C which has never had the fire switched on since the heat pump went in, and my total electricity costs for cooking, heating, washing and cleaning is £3 a week.

"In my opinion, it's the best thing since sliced bread."

Reacting to the comments, Ice Energy Founder & Managing Director Andrew Sheldon said "This is a fantastic example of the significant impact heat pumps can have on those struggling to heat their homes. 

"Mr Cox lives in an off-gas location where there was no other cost-effective alternative to his old storage heater system, so heat pumps were the perfect solution. To see and hear first hand the huge difference that his heat pump system has made, so much so that he only pays £3 a week for his entire electricity usage is absolutely incredible.

"This is exactly the type of impact that can be made across the UK for pensioners and low income residents struggling to heat their homes when forward-thinking social housing providers embrace renewables."

To hear more of Mr Cox's comments, please click on the video below.