The Heat is on as DECC unveils £10m Social Housing Fund

Details have been announced of an expanded renewable heat competition which is open to social housing landlords seeking to install renewable energy products in their housing stock and can provide funding of up to £175,000 per project. 

Due to the high demand of the previous competition, the second element of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme (RHPP) unveiled by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), has more than doubled from £3m to £10m.

The competition runs until 4th July 2012 and during this period, social housing providers including local authorities and social housing associations across England, Scotland and Wales are invited to bid for money to support the installation of renewable heating systems such as ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps. The maximum funding permitted per project is up to £175,000.
Phase 1 of the scheme saw more than 30 successful projects benefit from the available funding, 3 of which were projects run by Ice Energy Technologies with a combined value of almost £400,000. Ice Energy who are widely regarded as the UK’s leading renewable energy heating company, not only ran the projects but played pivotal roles in the application process on behalf of the winning social housing providers.
Ice Energy Founder and Managing Director Andrew Sheldon welcomed the expansion of the scheme saying “This is an excellent initiative which offers social housing providers a fantastic opportunity to benefit their tenants.”
“Renewable energy products such as heat pumps can have a huge impact on individuals struggling to manage their budgets in the face of uncontrollable fuel costs. Tenants in social housing accommodation are one of the groups most affected by these rising prices so we at Ice Energy welcome such a scheme, aiming as it does, to address the growing issue of fuel poverty in the UK.”

To find out how Ice Energy can help social housing providers with funding, please call 0808 145 2335.