RSL Ground Source Heat Pumps Trial 2009/10

A Registered Social Landlord (RSL) has been trialling ground source heat pumps within their housing stock, the results of which have been extremely promising.

Four properties were selected for the trial in 2009 / 10 including 2 and 3 bedroom houses and a bungalow whose previous heating was provided by solid fuel with storage heaters.

After 24 months of providing heating and hot water to a 3-bedroom house, the ground source heat pump had used just 12,942 units of electricity (reading taken February 2012) and included the winter of 2010 / 11 and part way into 2012. This is a much lower energy consumption than when powering storage heaters as was previously the case.

Obviously the residents were extremely happy as demonstrated by their comments below:

"Although the radiators are not scalding hot it doesn't matter because the house is always warm and comfortable."

"Comparisons are so vast from before as it was so cold we sat with extra clothes on to keep warm and had to use additional heaters."

"Love it, absolutely brilliant."

"Always hot water and lots of it - no more sharing bath water!"

Solutions Used

  • Each property had it's own 6kW ground source heat pump with an integral hot water tank of 185 litres