Air Source Heat Pumps In Rural Village


As part of a larger RHPP-funded retrofit programme which commenced in October 2013 and was completed in March 2014, a small cluster of bungalows has benefited from air source heat pumps, replacing storage heaters.

The 1-bedroom properties built in the late 1980’s have all had a completely new central heating installed with radiators placed in every room. For many residents, the result of this work is that for the first time they now have a warm bathroom.

Ice Energy provided a full project design and specification service as well as project managing the scheme. This included performing the vital tenant liaison role to ensure residents were completely aware of the schedule of works, what was involved, how air source heat pumps would work differently to a traditional heating system and how to benefit from them most.

Installation of the heat pumps was undertaken without the need for residents to move out of their property and with minimum impact on their heating. In some cases when necessary, temporary heaters were provided. 

The scheme has not only produced benefits in terms of lower running costs and more comfortable heating, but also health benefits in that residents no longer feel the cold, are not experiencing fluctuating temperatures and overall,  has enabled residents to fully appreciate their homes.

Resident Comments
“It takes a short while to get used to how it works and leaving it on as old habits are hard to break. The installation was very quick and only took a couple of days.”

“It’s very nice with all my rooms being warm. My kitchen and bathroom were cold but now they are nice and warm. The advantage over storage heaters is that this is more controllable and much cleaner.”

“I don’t know how much cheaper this system is compared to my old storage heaters but I left my payments as they were and last quarter I had enough credit on my account to cover that bill.”

To find out more about funding and how heat pumps can benefit your residents, please call 0808 145 2335.