Bedfordshire Ground Source Heat Pump Project - Case Study 1

Property type: 3 bedroom property in a Bedfordshire village location

Product installed: C6 Ground Source Heat Pump

Distribution system: Suitably sized radiator system

Installation date: March 2010

Funding secured: Funding of approximately £3,500 secured by Ice Energy

A housing association with over 16,000 properties in their housing stock approached Ice Energy with whom they had previously worked, to discuss the renewable energy heating options available for a range of properties in a Bedfordshire village.

This property was part of an overall retrofit ground source heat pumps scheme which took place in March 2010. The scheme was designed to reduce carbon emissions across the housing stock and to provide controllable heating at an affordable cost for mainly low income residents, in order to combat fuel poverty.

A ground source heat pump was installed with an integral hot water tank to provide all heating and hot water and was a replacement for the previous solid fuel heating system.

Boreholes were drilled in the front garden in order to access the ground source heat while the heat pump itself was located in a cupboard just off the kitchen.

The heat pump has consumed just 7947 kW hours of electricity  in the two years since initial installation.

The residents at this property which include an elderly male living with his daughter and granddaughter, made the following comments:

"You've done me a good turn putting that in as I no longer have to mess about with coal fires and cleaning up."

"There's no need to adjust the temperature because it doesn't come on if it doesn't have to."

The temperature is set to a very comfortable 22.5°C which suits me fine." 

Solutions Used

  • C6 Ground Source Heat Pump with boreholes used to extract the ground source heat
  • Matched hot water tank and heat distribution via radiators