Ground Source Heat Pumps in Rural Location

Property type: 2-bedroom bungalow in rural Norfolk

Product installed: Ice Energy IVT Ground Source Heat Pump

Distribution system: Suitably sized radiator system

Installation date: February 2012

Mrs. Lane lives in the rural Norfolk village of Burnham. Her 2-bedroom bungalow was previously heated by a combination of storage heaters and an open fire but in February 2012, her social housing provider arranged for an Ice Energy ground source heat pump to be installed as part of a group project.

In October 2012 we revisited Mrs. Lane to see how she is adapting to a life with heat pumps.

How does the heat pump compare with your old heating?
"The storage heaters were rubbish but the heat pump system is really, really good" says Mrs. Lane.

"They collected all the heat at night but had lost it all when I needed it the next evening. The open fire was cosy but only in the main living room. Now with my heat pump all the rooms are nicely heated, the water's always hot and there's lots of it."

How did you find the installation process?
"It was a nice quick process and the drilling didn't affect me at all" explains Mrs. Lane.

"Although there was snow on the ground it only took the workmen about 3 days to complete. I packed things away in preparation and was not put out at all."

After the initial drilling had taken place, the storage heaters were removed with one remaining in the hall for interim heating. Mrs. Lane's fireplace was blocked up and the old tank was removed from the airing cupboard to make way for the ground source heat pump.

"There was no real mess and I thought the work was brilliant and well worth the slight disruption as the house is now more homely, comfortable and warm."

How do you find the controls?
"No problems whatsoever. They're located on the heat pump and are very easy to use. I don't need to touch the radiators but I do have controls in the bedroom to maintain the temperature if I need to."

Have you noticed a difference in running costs?
"Well I have been taking a reading every evening at 6.30 and I estimate around a 20% difference so far since February compared to the storage heaters."

What do you think are the main benefits of heat pumps for you?
"I would say from my point of view that the heat pump is brilliant. I am warm and cosy, I always have hot water and it doesn't cost the earth. I can see from my bills the cost savings already. It's much cleaner and looks after itself."

"Previously I was sat with hot water bottles trying to keep warm. Now I can have a shower and sit in my pyjama's all warm and comfortable."

"It's provided me with a different standard of living."

Solutions Used

  • Ice Energy IVT C6 Ground Source Heat Pump.
  • Borehole Ground Loop system to a depth of 80 metres