Ground Source Heat Pumps Two Years On

Property type: 3-bedroom, semi-detached house in rural Norfolk

Product installed: Ice Energy Ground Source Heat Pump

Distribution system: Suitably sized radiator system

Installation date: Spring 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Dixon live in a 3-bedroom, semi-detached home in rural Norfolk and were previously heating their property via a combination of storage heaters and a wood burner. However, in Spring 2010 their social housing provider decided to replace the Dixon's heating system with ground source heat pumps supplied by Ice Energy.

Two and a half years on Ice Energy returned to see the impact heat pumps have had on their lives.

How does the heat pump compare with your old heating?
"Well we had storage heaters previously but we didn't like to use them as they were too expensive to run and didn't work by about 6pm anyway so we would light up the wood burner" explains Mrs. Dixon.

"Now we have comfortable heating, we're not wrapped up at night trying to keep warm and we have full control and a hassle-free heating system."

How did you find the installation process?
"Absolutely fantastic, the best workmen we've ever had! They were here for about a week and cleaned up every day."

Drilling for the boreholes which access the stored solar heat used by the heat pump took place while work to remove the storage heaters went on inside the property in an installation which was part of a group project in the area. "It wasn't an intrusive process and it hasn't altered the garden at all. We re-seeded the grass and now you wouldn't know the drilling had even happened" says Mrs. Dixon.

How do you find the controls?
"The temperature on the heat pump was very easy to set and now we don't touch it at all. Upstairs we have thermostatic radiators but generally they're not even on as the house is warm enough - in fact we often have the winows open!"

Have you noticed a difference in the running costs?
"It's so much cheaper to run" says Mrs. Dixon. "We couldn't actually believe just how cheap it was at first. Previously we were probably paying about £30 a week plus an additional £30 per fortnight for coal when we had an open fire whereas now £80 in the meter every six weeks covers everything."

What do you feel are the main benefits of heat pumps for you?
"The system is so clean as there's no dust unlike when we had the wood burner and the storage heaters. Lots of our neighbours are on oil but they don't like to use their heating because of the cost but obviously we don't have that worry. Ourheat pump gives us constant, controllable heat and we never have to worry about hot water."

What advice would you give other housing associations considering heat pumps for their tenants?
"Get storage heaters out and ground source heat pumps in! It's the best thing Hastoe has put in and you wouldn't get it out now!"

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Solutions Used

  • Ice Energy Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Borehole Ground Loop System to a depth of 90 metres