Retrofit Ground Source Heat Pumps Project in Norfolk

Property type: Pair of 2-bedroom bungalows in rural Norfolk

Product installed: 6kW ground source heat pumps in each property

Distribution system: Suitably sized radiator system

Installation date: February 2010

In February 2010, Ice Energy was tasked with providing a pair of two-bedroom bungalows in rural Norfolk an alternative heating system which would replace their existing storage heater and open fire heating methods. Working on behalf of a local housing provider, Ice Energy specified two 6kW ground source heat pumps to do just that.

The heat pumps draw heat from stored solar energy beneath the ground via boreholes drilled in the garden of the properties, making best use of the available space. The heat pumps themselves are stored in disused store rooms within the properties which previously would have housed fuel for the open fires.

As well as using their experience to specify and install the best products for the project, Ice Energy was also able to obtain funding on behalf of the housing provider under the LCBP 2 scheme.

After two years in operation, the energy usage required to cover all heating and hot water requirements was 8,504 kW hours for one of the bungalows which was heated to 22 degrees and 6,662 kW hours for the second bungalow which was heated to 19.5 degrees. 

The readings taken in March 2012 demonstrate the Heat Pumps working at approximately 4,252 and 3,331 kW hours per annum (seasonal use).

Residents at the properties have naturally been extremely pleased with their new heating systems, their comments including:

"It's always nice and warm without the radiators having to be scalding hot" and "The nicest thing is if you get up in the middle of the night, there are no cold spots."

Solutions Used

  • 2 x ground source heat pumps
  • Borehole-drilled ground loop