The Jaywick Project: Regenerating a Community


Jaywick is a small seaside village near Clacton-on-Sea in Essex which was originally intended as a holiday resort for Londoners. Many of the houses were poorly constructed and were only intended for holiday use, however as time passed, more people moved into the area and stayed. Many of the holiday homes are now permanent residences and in a state of disrepair while a large number of residents are on low incomes. As a result, Jaywick is statistically the most deprived area in the UK not only in terms of housing stock, but also the living conditions of the people in the area.

Tackling fuel poverty via a project like this has had an overwhelming effect on the lives of people living in Jaywick. From living in cold, poorly heated properties, residents are instead benefiting from properly insulated, warm and efficiently heated properties which as well as being better for their health, will also benefit them financially as theirrenewable energy heating systems have already proved to be cheaper to run.


Ice Energy worked closely with the local council, ultimately gaining an endorsement from them to provide these much-needed improvements. This endorsement was instrumental in helping Ice Energy with planning policy and also in creating links within the local community as unfortunately, the residents had been promised similar measures from other companies in the past which were never delivered.

Under phase 3 of the project, Ice Energy obtained additional CESP funding from electricity generator Intergen which enabled the upgrade of a further 150 properties during February and March of 2013. The challenge of installing these energy-saving measures in some of the coldest months of the year was one that Ice Energy rose to thanks to our significant experience on similar projects around the UK.

In addition to the EWI and glazing improvements, Ice Energy engineers installed complete radiator distribution systems into the properties which are now heated by air source heat pumps. In the main, the heat pumps replaced inefficient and expensive storage heaters which many residents could not afford to use.

Margaret 'Marge' Bolton is one resident who has already benefited from the improvements. "There are no draughts anymore and the first night after the work was done I woke up in the night absolutely sweltering and had to sleep above the sheets like I would in the summer which has never happened before.

I had gas in my house in London but I'd say this system was better than gas."

What started as a project of 150 properties has to date resulted in more than 650 properties benefiting from loft insulation, external wall insulation, glazing and air source heat pump heating systems.

Local councillor Dan Casey has been a firm believer in the project from day one. "I think it's a fantastic opportunity which will make a real difference to people in the area. The fact that this project means people will have heat this winter rather than suffering in the cold is really something."Quite apart from the heat and the impact of the cost of heating for these people, some of whom are on low incomes, the whole area has got a new lease of life."

In addition to the improvements to the properties, the project has also provided employment for local people thanks to the opening of an Ice Energy office in the area and creation of an engineer position for the area, all of which has demonstrated just what can be achieved with this type of funding.Ice Energy founder and Managing Director Andrew Sheldon believes this project is a prime example of how this project was intended to work delivering as it has lower fuel costs, a healthier living environment and an improved social awareness within the regenerated community.

Solutions Used

  • Loft insulation
  • External wall insulation
  • A rated windows
  • Air source heat pumps
  • New radiator distribution systems