At Ice Energy we believe a vital part of the service we provide is the tenant liaison process. Working with our affordable housing partners, we actively encourage discussion with individual tenants or tenant groups to ensure they fully understand the energy efficient technology they will be receiving, how it works and importantly, the installation process involved.

Tenant liaison - our approach

We believe education is key especially when adopting systems such as air or ground heat pumps for example, which may be a complete unknown to the tenants receiving them. Addressing any doubts and fears as quickly as possible and in an environment which puts the tenants at ease is vital to the success of a project.

In conjunction with our affordable housing partners we aim to hold regular face-to-face meetings with tenants whether this be in groups at events in village halls or housing association offices, or at the homes of the tenants. We obviously want to ensure that properties are suitable for the installation of heat pumps but we also want to prepare residents for what the retrofit will entail and provide help regarding future energy costs.

In addition this important work, we also provide a project-specific pack for both the affordable housing organisation and the tenant covering elements such as:

  • How heat pumps work
  • System specification and design
  • Property surveys - why they are required and what is covered
  • Drilling of boreholes - what is the process and how will it impact tenants?
  • Heating system handover
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Guide to electricity prices
  • Adjusting heating settings

As part of our commitment to supporting you and your tenants before, during and after installation, we also dedicate a great deal of time to educating tenants on the differences of living in a home heated by heat pumps compared to conventional heating i.e. radiators will be warm (rather than extremely hot) to touch yet the house will retain a warm, comfortable temperature. We will also advise residents on what they should do to obtain the best electricity rates suited to the running of heat pumps.

By undertaking activities such as these, we hope to ensure the smooth installation and adoption of our renewable energy systems and minimise the impact both to the RSL and their residents.

Examples of our tenant liaison work

The images below demonstrate the type of activity we undertake as part of the tenant liaison process.